Hot and sour meatball soup


This one has been adapted from a Donna hay recipe and its awesome when it’s a little cold out but still super fresh!

250g rice noodles (the thicker ones)
400g mince chicken/beef
5cm piece of ginger grated
1 1/2 TBSP chilli jam (I use a fresh red chilli diced and glucose powder)
1 egg white
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
1.5L of homemade chicken stock
2 baby bok Choy
2 TBSP of lime juice and sliced chilli to serve

Cook the noodles for 5-6 mins in boiling water

Combine mince, 1TBSP ginger, 1TBSP chilli jam, egg white, salt and pepper and roll into 1.5cm balls.

Fry remaining ginger for 2 mins, add the chilli jam and cook for 2 mins, add stock and bring to the boil. Add meat balls and poach for 3 mins, add chopped bok Choy and cook for 2mins.

Remove from heat and add lime juice.
Over 4 bowls split noodles and spoon over meat, Veges and sauce. Garnish with sliced chilli and a lime wedge


One thought on “Hot and sour meatball soup

  1. Since posting this recipe, I have learnt that chilli’s aren’t ideal for fructards…. It tastes delish, but if you are super sensitive in the chilli department this one may not be for you. SORRY

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