Im a happy.little.fructard

Welcome to the life of a “fructard”. I have fructose malabsorption  I also love to cook.

I have been a fructard for 2 years, I have been through the “finally I have an answer stage”, followed by the “sheer panic stage”, followed by the “acceptance stage” (aka the trial and error stage where error is more common than not), and am coming around to the “so I have these things I can eat, but they are all boring as hell stage”.

I was devastated when I had to learn the basics of cooking again. I had very little help and there were very few resources to go with. 

My aim is to help others in the same boat, to be a resource for those who have fructose malabsorption and to reinvent the satisfaction and enjoyment that food can bring to ones life! 

Join me on my journey to reinvent the enjoyment of eating. 


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