The Vit D challenge…..

So I have just read that Vit D may help to moderate symptoms. I have been on Vit D in the past due to severely low levels…. whilst not high my last blood test was in the normal range. I was told that I could stop taking it. My symptoms have become a lot worse over the last 3 months – I stopped taking it about 4 months ago….

I have a plan, and that is to follow the recommendation of taking 4000mg/day of Vit D and observe any changes/or lack of…

Will keep you posted. I start today.

14.4.13- update 1
I’m feeling better.
I’m also conducting a trial that couldn’t be further from a food randomised controlled trial (RCT) if I tried.
There is a mass of expectation which naturally causes placebo. Do I care? Well I’m feeling better and that is a good thing regardless of whether it makes for a good RCT.

So lets talk about energy levels first. fact…. I have more of it. I know if I haven’t taken vit d, generally about the time I’m being scrapped off the floor.

Whether it affects fructose? I haven’t challenged my fructose levels a lot. I’m generally pretty good on eating very very little that has fructose in it. However as a whole there may be a reduction in bloating. Following a normal meal (safe recipes included) I normally find that I am ranging between 20 and 26 weeks pregnant in the space of 20 mins. (I treat pregnant women, I feel this is a vaguely accurate gauge!) currently the worst I have been is maybe 2 meals over the last week I made it to 16 weeks pregnant. (Having said that I’m normally pretty good, I think this included when I went out and ordered lunch and they served normal bread instead of gf, as I had ordered, and I ate 4 pieces of toast).
Maybe a few less stomach cramps? Maybe I’m sleeping ok (this is my major indicator and it was how I first discovered I was a fructard).
Come to think of it I haven’t been feeling sick every time I eat.

So, given the above. My complete lack of a decent RCT, my objective only indicators, and my ‘solely based on memory recall’ trial, I can say that if I was going to publish my study it would be thrown out by my peers instantly!
I can therefore only give it a myth busters style ‘plausible’ and update you in a couple of weeks.

Do I genuinely think it’s making a difference? Yes.

How much of one? I don’t know.

Do I think I’m cured? No.

Please please please remember that I have had blood tests. I have had results saying I’m low in Vit D. I have had medical recommendation for the dosage that I’m taking, and that I have sort advice on whether this is the correct dosage for me. Should you wish to also investigate whether Vit D can play a factor in your fructardedness, please contact a medical professional.


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