Fructose friendly food online



I found this website yesterday and have had a bit of a look. So these guys sell a plethora of products online. You can search on the fructose friendly column on the right and as long as you dont try and skip to the section using the  left column, youll stay just where you wanted to be.

NB. Their disclaimer states…. “Please note that products highlighted as fructose friendly are a guide only.  As there are no strict rules for fructose malabsorption and that foods and amounts will differ from person to person, we have excluded food that contains the main ingredients or source listed as not suitable for people with this condition.  Changes will be made based on feedback from customers.” …. So Check the ingredients.

And if your in melbourne I believe you can have it delivered to your door. There are delivery options for interstate too.

They also have lactose, GF (obviously), egg, yeast, FF, Sugar free, wheat free, Nut free, Vegan, soy free as well as preservative free.

Happy hunter gathering!



Life saving website!

So finally I have found a credible website with a list of foods and their relative fructose/ glucose levels per 100g.

It’s fair to say that individual tolerances differ for each person and fructose to glucose ratio is only a guide of how well tolerated a food is…. But it’s a start!!’
food standards Australia

Give it a whirl and let me know if you discover anything interesting!

Glucose as a way to minimise symptoms of fructose malabsorption

So here’s the deal…. you’re allergic to sugar! Shit!!!

The molecule is a disaccharide composed of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose   C12H22O11. Thus, Table sugar is sucrose= fructose+glucose

Basically meaning that any time you eat sugar you’re ingesting fructose and its not doing well for symptoms. There is however evidence that suggests that replacing sucrose with pure glucose, will decrease your symptoms. Keeping it super simple, the theory is that there are two pathways through which the body can absorb fructose.

  • the first of which is a pure fructose pump- this is the one that is not functioning properlly and is causing the malabsorption
  • the second is a glucose pump- there is co-absorption through this pump (the fructose is reacting with glucose in the gut, then piggybacking through, being absorbed by the glucose transporter.

It is when fructose is not absorbed that you get your reaction.

There a couple of rules to how you can make this work to your benefit;

  • you must eat food that has a higher glucose than fructose ratio
  • there is a limit, everyone’s is different but it only works with fructose, NOT FRUCTANS (onion, garlic aren’t going to work)
  • it wont counter a reaction, but it can stop it getting worse or help to prevent one if the glucose is taken along side the meal

You can buy straight glucose powder from the chemist and also from some supermarkets. I also use the tablets. Whilst you can add the powder in place of sugar and to some foods that have small amounts of fructose in them to make them more tolerable, you can also get the tablets and eat them if you start to get a reaction or if your eating out and you cant eliminate all the fructose from a meal.

There are a couple of articles that will give you more info if your interseted…

Incomplete absorption of pure fructose in healthy subjects and the facilitating effect of glucose.

Fructose absorption.

Because of this theory there is an amount of fruit that some fructose free people can eat. Recommendations vary but the best global rule is that you can eat one serving of the following once every 2 hours (on the proviso that your not ingesting other fructose filled foods. These are the fruits that have higher levels of glucose than fructose in them. Serving sizes have to change depending on tolerance but here’s what works for me:

  • 1 kiwifruit
  • 1/2 banana
  • 3 large strawberries
  • 3/4 of an orange or equivalent citrus
  • about 6 blueberries
  • 1/4 C of pineapple (if your applying this to canned pineapple make sure your buying the brands that are in pineapple juice- syrup is a no go, and a lot are in either pear or apple juice- equally evil).

Whilst not huge amount, fruit is really good for you, and I mentally struggle to go without…..

Happy glucose foraging!!! Its in a lot of my recipes use it, let me know if it works for you too.

The Vit D challenge…..

So I have just read that Vit D may help to moderate symptoms. I have been on Vit D in the past due to severely low levels…. whilst not high my last blood test was in the normal range. I was told that I could stop taking it. My symptoms have become a lot worse over the last 3 months – I stopped taking it about 4 months ago….

I have a plan, and that is to follow the recommendation of taking 4000mg/day of Vit D and observe any changes/or lack of…

Will keep you posted. I start today.

14.4.13- update 1
I’m feeling better.
I’m also conducting a trial that couldn’t be further from a food randomised controlled trial (RCT) if I tried.
There is a mass of expectation which naturally causes placebo. Do I care? Well I’m feeling better and that is a good thing regardless of whether it makes for a good RCT.

So lets talk about energy levels first. fact…. I have more of it. I know if I haven’t taken vit d, generally about the time I’m being scrapped off the floor.

Whether it affects fructose? I haven’t challenged my fructose levels a lot. I’m generally pretty good on eating very very little that has fructose in it. However as a whole there may be a reduction in bloating. Following a normal meal (safe recipes included) I normally find that I am ranging between 20 and 26 weeks pregnant in the space of 20 mins. (I treat pregnant women, I feel this is a vaguely accurate gauge!) currently the worst I have been is maybe 2 meals over the last week I made it to 16 weeks pregnant. (Having said that I’m normally pretty good, I think this included when I went out and ordered lunch and they served normal bread instead of gf, as I had ordered, and I ate 4 pieces of toast).
Maybe a few less stomach cramps? Maybe I’m sleeping ok (this is my major indicator and it was how I first discovered I was a fructard).
Come to think of it I haven’t been feeling sick every time I eat.

So, given the above. My complete lack of a decent RCT, my objective only indicators, and my ‘solely based on memory recall’ trial, I can say that if I was going to publish my study it would be thrown out by my peers instantly!
I can therefore only give it a myth busters style ‘plausible’ and update you in a couple of weeks.

Do I genuinely think it’s making a difference? Yes.

How much of one? I don’t know.

Do I think I’m cured? No.

Please please please remember that I have had blood tests. I have had results saying I’m low in Vit D. I have had medical recommendation for the dosage that I’m taking, and that I have sort advice on whether this is the correct dosage for me. Should you wish to also investigate whether Vit D can play a factor in your fructardedness, please contact a medical professional.