‘Industry beans’, just plain rocking when coffee is your thing!

Warehouse 3, Cnr Rose & Fitzroy Streets
Fitzroy 3065

03 9417 1034


Greeted by a smile and a food menu to boot, a view of delish looking sammies tied with brown paper and string, some beautiful cakes, and a coffee menu all of its own, industry beans is winning hands down on first impressions.

I have been to industry beans a couple of times now and as the newest ‘local’ in fitzroy, they are smashing it. The food is amazing and the service is awesome. If coffee is your thing then these guys will give you all the info and review on different beans that range from ‘banging’ to ‘just plain awesome’! Their eyes light up when you ask for filter beans for your aero-press and there is a surge of energy when you start holding your own in a coffee conversation!


Set in an old converted warehouse, Industry beans splurges on simplistic personality and and is the perfect template for any fitzroy-esque waiter/waitress or coffee connoisseur to paint with their own take on hipster style.


Whether its the fructose free, strawberry friand or the amazing GF avo smash with added bacon on the side, seated in the sunny courtyard again made from pellets or inside under a gas heater on a chilly day, you’ll be loving the superb smell of coffee and the sense that no matter where you went, you would definitely not be getting a better coffee!


The worlds most amazing breakfast smoothie!!!


It sounds weird but hang in there… For a breaky smoothie that will blow your mind its so so simple!

1/2 C of fructose friendly muesli
1/4C of fructose friendly yoghurt
3 strawberries with their tops taken off
1/2 C milk

Blend to supreme perfection

strawberry, blueberry, MASCARPONE & almond tartlets

strawberry, blueberry, MASCARPONE & almond tartlets

1 sheet gluten free/fructose friendly pastry
50g ground almond meal
1/4 cup of gluten free flour mix
1/2 tsp zanthum gum
2 TBSP glucose
3 heaped teaspoons of mascarpone
1 tsp of vanilla bean paste
2 tsp of frangelico (optional depending on your sensitivity – but it tastes bloody good with it)
1 punnet strawberries
handful of blueberries

preheat oven to 200 C and grease 4 tarlet tins (about 12-13cm). cut out pastry and line the tins. line with baking paper and fill with rice/beans to bake blind. bake for 10-15mins
remove paper and bake for another 5 mins.

dry roast the almond meal (I toss it in a fry pan for 3 mins).

Combine the flour, zantham, glucose, mascarpone, vanilla bean paste, frangelico and almond meal in a bowl.

divide the mixture between the 4 tartlet tins and top with sliced strawberries and blue berries.

NB- everyones tolerance to fruit is different, but i use about 2 strawberries and 5-6 blueberries for each tartlet. if you cant use either of these think about using some stewed rhubarb instead.